Monthly Archives: July 2015

Pastor Tom’s “Top 10” for the week

(Just a few random and not-so random thoughts.)

  1. I am constantly amazed and humbled by the servant hearts of so many that serve in our church and never want any credit or recognition.
  2. Our new pulpit is up and is a great addition to our sanctuary.
  3. God is constantly at work around us, but do we take the time to see Him working?
  4. Our world is increasingly negative. As Christ-followers are we changing that?
  5. Our church was incredibly blessed with many musicians and worship leaders while Rosa recuperated.
  6. I have been reminded how much I love the music of Rich Mullins.
  7. I am looking forward to preaching through the book of James this Fall.
  8. God is doing so much at NRBC and I don’t want any of us to miss it.
  9. I am thrilled to see how our new Student Ministry building is coming together and to see so many people with a heart for our students.
  10. I am thankful every day for God’s grace and mercy.