Guard Your Heart (Guest Blog)

This week one of our church members is our “guest blogger”.

Proverbs 4:23

“Guard your heart above all else. For it is the source of life.”

By: Lizzie Humphrey

            This verse has quickly become one of my favorite verses because it compares so closely to the way our hearts actually work in the body.  Every person has the desire to improve their longevity, their health, and their lifespan. To do so, people refrain from harmful substances and try to consume healthy foods and vitamins.  In the same way that we refrain from harmful substances and unhealthy foods to protect our hearts, we must refrain from harmful substances that are hurting us spiritually. Movies, TV shows, music, and so much more are constantly flowing into our hearts and minds that mock everything we believe in. I’ve recently had to stop a TV series on Netflix because it made light of things that are so serious in the eyes of God. Besides refraining from bad things, we also endure hard activities to improve our hearts. We endure cardio activities to make our hearts stronger. We invest a little bit more money on organic foods just so that are hearts and bodies stay strong and healthy. In the same way, filling our hearts with spiritual truth is the only way we can grow and finish the race that God has placed before us. I know this is something we may have already heard, but then why is so hard to follow? Why can one song or movie draw us in and compromise what we know is true?

The other thing that our hearts do to keep us alive, is that it pumps blood throughout our entire body. The heart muscle is like a pump. The right side of your heart receives blood from the body and pumps it into the lungs and the left side receives blood from the lungs and pumps it throughout the entire body. Though this is just a simple explanation of the anatomy of the heart, it gives a beautiful picture of how we should live. Our physical hearts get rid of waste, receive good nutrients, and pump the entire body with oxygen and nutrients. In the same way, we must get rid of the toxic waste in our lives, receive God’s truth and most importantly give out so much love that it can’t help but positively affect those around us.

But what if our hearts are broken? What if the pain of our circumstances continues to knock us down and our faith becomes drowned out by the tears that seem to never stop.  The best way I can explain how to survive emotional and spiritual heart failure is by comparing it to literal heart failure. In writing this, I’ve done a lot of research on how the heart works and how the body responds to heart failure. The first thing I’ve learned is that when the heart is not pumping enough (a.k.a heart failure) our bodies try and make up for it, which is called compensation. It’s incredible how God designed our bodies to help our hearts out when they are not working properly. But though the body is able to compensate for our hearts for a short period of time, it will soon not be enough to sustain the failing heart. So what now? Another article made it clear that you MUST see a doctor immediately and regularly. The cardiologist knows what’s best for the child or adult suffering with heart failure or disease. The doctor might suggest heavy medications or even surgery, but you must trust him.  God is our doctor.  He knows what’s best for you, even when our hearts are breaking. God might take you down a path that seems dreadful, but it’s for our own good. And as the body of Christ, we can’t heal the broken hearts around us, only God can, but we can compensate for those hurting around us through prayer and encouragement.

The challenge for those who are in need of guidance is to take in the good and get rid of the lies. Give love to those around and compensate for the wounded hearts because they are everywhere, and for those whose hearts are failing remember that only God can fix you. You must turn to Him and nothing else. Talk to Him and find out what the best solution is to fix your heart, and don’t be discouraged if the doctor suggests a recovery that takes times and is not easy.  Lastly, “Guard your heart above all else. For it is the source of life.”